Ruth Stauffer


I have to say that Doublehead Resort was the BEST vacation experience! It was all that we needed at a great price for a perfect stay. The space was wonderful for our three generations of two kids and four adults. We enjoyed the fishing and the pool and the playground and being able to host dinner for cousins we hadn’t seen in years! (I did get to use Granny’s iron skillet.) I got up early each morning with the baby and sat on the porch to watch the geese and egrets and turtles. Even the rains were welcome as the cottage was cozy and safe. With only four days to play and visit my family in Decatur we didn’t have time for the beach though so we have to come back. I miss it already!

Your help with the reservations and our stay was invaluable, Darlene. Thank you so much for treating my family so sweetly. We are talking about returning and bringing more family from Illinois and Texas. I hope to see you all again next summer.